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Get your advance discounted tickets safely and easily with PayPal


Standard Ticket



$14.00  Senior/Student

1.      Top left banner announcement of next concert

2.      Sponsorship Banner as we add and delete sponsors

3.      Sponsorship Page - Add/delete links as we add/delete sponsors

4.      Join The Chorus Page - Start date of next season's rehearsals

5.      Come See Us Page –

                  a. Before concert:

                     i.   Copy paste Paypal boxes and buttons to page. 

                     ii.  Change deadline date of  online ticket sales

                     iii.  Add PDF of current poster

                  b. Day of concert

                     i. Delete PayPal boxes

                   c. After Concert

                     i. Change text to something like “Our next concert will be…..check back soon”

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